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Rhythm in a Rocking Chair

Battlefield in My Mind

7 April
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This is a church that should believe.
a silver mt. zion, activism, allen ginsberg, american analog set, amélie, analysis, andy warhol, anthropology, aqua teen hunger force, ariane moffatt, badminton, beat, beck, belle and sebastian, blind melon, bollo's, books, bright eyes, broken clocks, broken social scene, brown, built to spill, bukowski, c.s. lewis, calla, cat power, christianity, coco rosie, coffee, cooking, cool hand luke, cursive, cycles, cycling, dancing, dark chocolate, dates, death cab for cutie, dirty pretty things, dizzee rascal, dntel, dostoevsky, earl hines, elliott smith, engine down, erykah badu, explosions in the sky, expolsions in the sky, fiona apple, french feta, graffiti, green, green tea, hefner, helios, her space holiday, independent films, india, indie, interpol, iron and wine, italy, jazz, jesus, jump little children, kate chopin, laying in the grass, le tigre, lime, logic, margin notes, mars volta, matt pond pa, mewithoutyou, mia, miles davis, mint, minus the bear, modest mouse, mogwai, naps, neutral milk hotel, new world cafe, nice price books, nick drake, notebooks, notwist, npr, oatmeal soap, onelinedrawing, people, philosophy, photography, pi, piano, pillows, pink floyd, politics, q and not u, radiohead, raspberries, ratatat, rilo kiley, sharp cheese, siddhartha, sociology, sorry about dresden, styrofoam, surrealism, sushi, sylvia plath, taxi driver, tea, telafon tel aviv, telefon tel aviv, the appleseed cast, the cure, the honorary title, the little things, the mars volta, the notwist, the postal service, the reindeer section, the shins, the sneaker pimps, the streets, the unicorns, the wall, theology, thrift stores, thursday, tilly and the wall, tristeza, tupac, vegan chocolate mouse, vegetarianism, vogue, weezer, william carlos williams, wine (white), {the} hours